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OA Version 9.00

Open Administration for Schools 9.00 August 12, 2016
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New School Events functions


OA Version 8.50

Updates to installation scripts to support latest versions of Debian (8.1) and Ubuntu Server 14.04.3. Use the older 8.3 release, below, if you don't have the latest Debian 8.1/Ubuntu 14.04.3.

Lots of other script updates that I didn't track since they were ongoing with current schools. There are updates to the teacher attendance entry, tracking scripts, and rptmonth4.pl (monthly attendance script with extensive teacher checking (to make sure they've done attendance)). Updates to some of the moodle support scripts and skipping of those 'courses' used for attendance only. More included perl modules during install, which increases the filesize for download.

Open Administration for Schools 8.50 December 26, 2015.
[ Download 8.50 ] Filesize:5.7MB

OA Version 8.30

Use This release for older versions of Debian/Ubuntu before 8.1/14.04!. It uses the older methods of teacher login certification on teacher site.

This release has many new functions including principal walkthough system, staff absence tracking, and updates to pretty much everything!

[ DOWNLOAD Open Administration for Schools 8.30 ]
March 19, 2015 - Filesize:3.81 MB

OA Version 7.00

This release has updates to several systems including a single logon for the teacher site, and a new layout. The announcement system is also updated on both parent and teacher sites along with a new viewer.

Open Administration for Schools 7.00 Aug 17, 2012.(updated: Aug 21)
Filesize:2 787 647 Bytes

OA Version 6.75

This release has updates to several systems including report card area scripts.

Open Administration for Schools 6.75 Feb 11, 2012.
Filesize:2 765 736 Bytes

OA Version 6.50

This release has a new announcement system, and a tracking log for teachers to track their parental contacts. There are also many other smaller updates.

Open Administration for Schools 6.50 November 9, 2011.
Filesize:2 727 214 Bytes

OA Version 6.25

This release has a new textbook management system, along with other smaller tweaks.

Open Administration for Schools 6.25 August 6, 2011.
Filesize:2 702 035 Bytes

OA Version 6.00

This release has a new homework system, integration with Moodle 1.9.x via the external database option. It has large numbers of updates to the fees system and also to the subject and subject enrollment systems. There are updates to reduce the phrase count and also simplify the static html pages.

Open Administration for Schools 6.00 Updated: July 11/2011.
(Original: June 22, 2011)
New Filesize:2 724 838 Bytes

OA Version 5.75

This release has updated Online configuration and updated installation scripts including a new 'update' script to bring your site installs up to date from as far back as 4.75. There are new CentOS installation scripts. A new Spanish translation is available. There are other tweaks, as well.

Open Administration for Schools 5.75(April 3, 2011)
Update: now updated to April 18th version
Filesize:2 629 691 Bytes

OA Version 5.50

This release has full Online configuration and updated installation scripts to support this. The fee system is updated, and various other tweaks, including gradebook. Phrase count is reduced for translation.

Open Administration for Schools 5.50(Jan 31, 2011)
Filesize:2 059 214 Bytes (Jan 31)

OA Version 5.25

This release has new Online configuration for Report card, background color, and logos. It has new installation scripts to simplify the install process. There are new enrol/withdraw script and also updated reading test system.

Open Administration for Schools 5.25(Dec 23,2010)
Updated enrol script (Jan 11, 2011)
Filesize: 2 103 864 Bytes (Jan 11)

OA Version 5.00

This release has new Medical system and updated fee system.

Open Administration for Schools 5.00 (Nov 21,2010)
Filesize: 1 417 545 Bytes

OA Version 4.75

This release has new LDAP Management, and Templated Student Staff report and simple Template generator.

Open Administration for Schools 4.75 (Oct 5, 2010 - new R10 version available)
(Sept 2, 2010 - new R8 version available
(July 18,2010; Updated Aug 16,2010 with R6 version)
Filesize (R10): 1 394 358 Bytes

OA Version 4.50

This release has new Google Apps User Management and External User Management (ie. K12LTSP, Sun Ray Terminals, etc). Updated gradebook posting system.

Open Administration for Schools 4.50 (Nov 17,2009)
Filesize: 1 278 708 Bytes

OA Version 4.25b

This system has barcodes in labels, demerits, new First Nations Nominal Roll and Reading Test storage.

Open Administration for Schools 4.25b (Sept 22,2009)(b version - Oct 15, 2009)
Filesize: 1 266 242 Bytes

OA Version 4.10

This version has new report card configuration values, fully rewritten scripts to support UTF-8 encoding of foreign languages end to end from database to web page. Also new configuration settings for PDF generation.

Open Administration for Schools 4.10 (August 17,2009)
Filesize: 1 214 631 Bytes

OA Version 4.00

This version has new report card features and many rewritten scripts to reduce script count and also translation phrase count.

Open Administration for Schools 4.00 (July 22,2009)
Filesize:1 239 259 Bytes

OA Version 3.75

This version has the new locker system and many rewritten scripts to support non ISO-8859-x languages using utf-8 http headers. Other updates in the Readme in the top level folder of the download.

Open Administration for Schools 3.75 (March 7, 2009)
1 205 510 Bytes

OA Version 3.50

This version has the new PK report card system and the new language (translation) tools to allow alternate language versions of OA to be created. Other updates in the Readme in the top level folder of the download.

Open Administration for Schools 3.50 (Dec 13, 2008)
Filesize: 1 205 510 Bytes

OA Version 3.25a

This version has updated fixes discovered since the 3.25 release and includes new secretary attendance entry and updated custom classlist with new options (option extra field, fontsize, etc.)

Open Administration for Schools 3.25a (Sept 16, 2008)
Filesize: 1 050 948 Bytes

OA Version 3.25

This version has a rewritten main IEP system. It also includes new password policies with new perl modules, and updated teacher access controls.

Open Administration for Schools 3.25 (August 10, 2008)
Filesize: 1 043 513 Bytes

OA Version 3.00

This version now has mailing labels from simple templates (more easily added). It has a simple group emailing system. I has an updated report card script with more options and single student per file functionality. It has a rewritten teacher area. Updated HTML layout. Many other fixes.

Version 3.00a now available with more fixes and updates. No new features. Updated SDS demographics synchronization script, among others.
Open Administration for Schools 3.00a (April 25, 2008)
Filesize: 1 003 392 Bytes

OA Version 2.50

This release adds:

Open Administration for Schools 2.50c (December 18, 2007)
Filesize: 991 220 Bytes

OA Version 2.40

This release adds the new fees system to allow schools to charge new fees (or predefined ones) to students (individually or by group), print outstanding invoices, accept payments, and post summary accounting data into their accounting systems.

It also includes a new teacher logout function to clear the teacher session data.

Open Administration for Schools 2.40 (July 18, 2007)
Filesize: 894 096 Bytes

OA Version 2.30

This release includes many script changes and rewrites (30+). It also includes a new transcript system to generate PDF transcripts and also track student progress toward graduation.

There have also been many rewrites on the teacher site to improve session management and the ability to move quickly between applications such as the gradebook, report card entry, daybook, etc.

Open Administration for Schools 2.30 (July 7, 2007)
July 9 - Updated; fix for meta lunchstatus record missing
Filesize: 867 330 Bytes

OA Version 2.25

This release includes 100+ script changes and rewrites. This includes the discipline and the report card systems. Updates include:

Open Administration for Schools 2.25 (March 20, 2007)

OA Version 2.20

This release contains the new transporation system with more comprehensive tracking and reporting for student transportation to and from school. It also creates daily reports for bus supervisors and includes attendance data.

This release also contains large updates to the SDS scripting for Saskatchewan schools. It has been used in 3 divisions in Saskatchewan, Canada for several years now. It uses the new XML query functions available from Sask Learning, rather than local records and does synchronization with SL. The next release will include crond versions for automatic updates.

Open Administration for Schools 2.20 (December 27, 2006)

OA Version 2.15 (Nov 18, 2006)

This release contains the more updates to the Gradebook reports, fixes for a sortorder bug, and formatting changes for IE7, Opera rendering improvements. This also includes the final updates for the IEP rubric updates, new Choice Chips coding (more to follow), and other fixes.

OA Version 2.10 (Oct 9, 2006)

This release contains the updates to the Gradebook to simplify weighting and add session management. More updates on reporting to follow. Small Sask Learning SDS updates also.

OA Version 2.05 (Sept 24, 2006)

This September 24, 2006 release contains an update to the special education site with additional service tracking and student outcome rubric features. It also contains several bugfixes introduced by the 2.00 rewrite.

OA Version 2.01 (August 19, 2006)

This is a bug fix release of 2.00, containing bugs primarily found by Methodius Dusyk, Living Sky SD. The new files are also located in the updates area for 2.00. There will be a further 2.05 release containing the new IEP code within a month or so.

OA Version 2.00 (July 18, 2006)

This version has the following:

OA Version 1.99 Features

Open Administration for Schools 1.99 (May 30, 2006)
[ openadmin-1.99.tgz ] This version has the following:

OA Version 1.98 Features (May 6, 2006)

Transcripts are now available on the report card page. They will store information for multi-year retention and customization of the transcript is available.

There is a new attendance scanning script which is based on points for particular attendance reasons. Accumulated points will generate a discipline entry and also create form letters for mailing home.

The attendance system has a new 'per student' editing function (along with search).

The SDS system for Saskatchewan schools has an updated course query function that uses the new xml query functions. It also has a new course enrollment synchronization script. It no longer uses the course enrollment journal.

Metaedit has some new options for select elements to allow for leading blank entries.

The gradebook has a new item entry format to simplify weighting and group assignment.

There have been several smaller bug fixes in scripts.


PDF and HTML versions of the documentation are available on the documentation page.

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